Emulsified Fuel Complements SCR

BOS Emulsified Fuel System reduces NOx up to 20% and can compliment Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. The size of SCR can be reduced by 20% which also reduces CAPEX by 20%.

CDO Analysis confirms: BOS Emulsified Fuel System improves condition of the engine

Blue Ocean Solutions engaged Flame Marine to conduct Cylinder Drain Oil analysis before and after the use of BOS Emulsified Fuel System. Flame Diagnostic provided a detailed diagnosis of wear, combustion, lubrication feed rate and performance.

Cleaner exhaust and PM emissions with BOS technology

Blue Ocean Solutions Emulsified Fuel System cleans the exhaust and reduces PM emissions. The better combustion and presence of steam reduces and softens the soot, resulting in cleaner exhaust. This is evident visibly in the emission from the funnel.

Are we beyond peak efficiency?

“We are reaching the limits of efficiency for these engines, with the result that it is becoming more and more expensive to achieve greater efficiency.” Professor Nikolaos Kyrtatos, winner of Marine Propulsion’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Repeat order for 10 addition units of EFS for APL

APL has placed a repeat order for 10 additional BOS EFS for their 10K teu container vessels after successful implementation on two of their “I” class containers. The first of the ten additional installations started on July 2015 and all 10 installations are expected to be completed by June 2016.

American President Line (APL) orders more BOS Emulsified Fuel Systems

Blue Ocean Solutions delivered four emulsified Fuel System (EFS)to help APL to reduce fuel costs, to another four APL container ships

A repeat order from Diamond S Shipping

Diamond Shipping, one of the largest owner and operator of modern medium range product tankers in the world, orders more BOS EFS to improve fuel efficiency.