CDO Analysis confirms: BOS Emulsified Fuel System improves condition of the engine


When it comes to water-in-fuel emulsions, the concern over condition of the engine is often raised. Therefore, Blue Ocean Solutions engaged Flame Marine to conduct Cylinder Drain Oil analysis before and after the use of BOS Emulsified Fuel System. Flame Diagnostic provided a detailed diagnosis of wear, combustion, lubrication feed rate and performance. BOS Emulsified Fuel System has been running on 9 APL ships for over two years with regular monthly CDO-analysis. The results have showed that the engine condition improved after the use of our Emulsified Fuel System as the pictures below shows.

COD-ANALYSIS (0% and 8% water) – APL Barcelona


  • Engine Load & RPM                           : 21.7% / 57.8 RPM (MCR 54,120kW / 97 RPM)
  • Cylinder Oil consumption                 : 15.0 lit/hr (ExxonMobil Mobilgard 570)
  • Fuel Oil %S and Vanadium Content : 3.2% / 164 ppm (before engine)

BOS Emulsified Fuel System improves the combustion efficiency by producing stable water-in-fuel emulsions to improve injector fuel atomization. Other confirmed benefits are reduced NOx emission due to cooler combustion as well as cleaner exhaust and reduced PM emissions. Better combustion and presence of steam reduces and softens the soot. The system has been tested on Wärtsilä and MAN engines and on both two- and four-stroke engines. The performance of 2-5% fuel savings has been proven and verified by ship owners, Wärtsilä and classification societies DNV GL and Lloyd’s Register.