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The system can be installed to medium speed and slow speed marine diesel engines and it is capable of handling multi-fuels like HFO, IFO, MDO and MGO. There is no use of chemical additives. The reference installations include cruise ships, bulk carriers, container ships, tugboat, tankers, Ro-Ro ferries and car carriers. The results have been independently verified by classification societies and an engine manufacturer.

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More BOS Emulsified Fuel Systems installed for APL
Blue Ocean Solutions delivered four emulsified Fuel System (EFS )to help APL to reduce fuel costs, to another four APL container ships, namely: APL Barcelona, APL Hauvre, APL Paris and APL Qingdao. These are in addition to the three EFS which have already been delivered to APL Iolitte, APL Iris and APL Southampton. All deliveries were carried out while the container ships are in operation without disrupting the ships’ schedule.

GST North America

Time: November 16-19 2015
Venue: The National Conference Centre, Washington DC

Marintec China 2015

Time: December 01-04 2015
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

2015 World Maritime Technology Conference

Read our paper: Fuel Efficiency – Challenges and Innovations in Emulsified Fuel

that was also selected by SNAME for presentation at World Maritime Technology Conference.